Conference Rooms

Our talented engineers devise innovative conference room audio visual solutions for your complex problems and business needs. Our engineers go beyond the stated manufacturer's claims and recommendations to get the best out of your equipment. They know each product’s limitations and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

At JVN Systems, we use advanced audio and video teleconferencing techniques to bring your callers and meetings to life. We can generate this experience even for clients who choose to work with less expensive video conferencing equipment that isn’t manufactured for advanced HD telepresence purposes. We can often find innovative video conference room solutions at a fraction of the cost of other conference room technology suppliers, and our clients appreciate all we do for them.

Conference Room - JVN Systems
Conference Room - JVN Systems
Conference Room - JVN Systems
Conference Room - JVN Systems
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Fully Integrated Solutions

We know your systems need to work with your daily tasks, not against it. We’ll take care to make sure you have a streamlined system from top to bottom. All of our equipment will work together so you can manage it easily and maintain complete communication with your guests, clients, and staff. Larger scale distributions can be managed on premise or via cloud with ease. >> Solutions & Services >> Conference Rooms        Contact Us: 631-242-3600