Video Walls & Digital Signage

Video Walls

Stunning video walls suitable for any environment. Retail, office space, lobby, lounge, public space's, and various other destinations can be redefined, all with a video wall that is easy to accommodate, maintain, support, and control.

Easy to use control interfaces, accessible on various devices or a dedicated unit, and designed to allow simple setup of the video wall system. Play content on loop continuously, schedule on and off times for various content as well as the system itself, and configure the wall into different modes, such as a news or stock ticker across the bottom monitors, or 2 different videos playing side by side.

Ultra-Thin Bezel Solutions
With the latest LCD & LED technology, the largest video walls can now be integrated near seamlessly, with ultra thin bezel monitors. Stunning, seamless 4k HD video walls leave a remarkable impression on the viewer.

High Quality Design
JVN Systems engineers design video walls that fit in to their environment, as if they belonged there. Various solutions can accommodate a wide range of budgets, and the right wall can be found for any destination.

Digital Signage

As signage continues to go digital, content presentation on a small or large scale is increasingly dependent on reliable and quickly configured digital signage systems. Whether it be advertising, scheduling, wayfinding, or exhibitive content, it is critical that your digital signage systems are easy to manage and experience zero downtime. JVN Systems has implemented signage systems including "set and forget" style content, slightly more hands on scheduling systems, extensively managed marketing signage systems, and everything in between.

Call Today: 631-242-3600
Call Today: 631-242-3600