Soft Codec Technology

Becoming increasingly popular as a video collabroation solution is the use of a soft codec system, or using a PC based solution in a video conferencing space. Afforadable and effective solutions, including the integration of a Google Chromebox, can make video collaboration setup easier than imagined.

Any room can be configured with a PC, Mac, Chromebox, or other computer and host video collaboration sessions. These video collaboration systems can be standalone units or operate with various other components to enhance your collaboration experience.

Vaddio Roboshot
One of our more popular soft codec solutions includes the use of a Vaddio Roboshot camera. A versatile, network controllable, conferencing camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom. With the ability to use as a USB device for computer based conferencing, or as an HDMI device for integration with other codecs and direct to monitors, it is no wonder this device is preferred in many solutions.

Wide Range of Solutions

The sky’s the limit on technology. We have a comprehensive set of technology options to meet any constraints. Take for example, the pictured Panacast 2 wide angle camera. In a tight space huddle room, this camera can include all participants in the room on camera. With their intellizoom technology, the camera will zoom in and out to fit everyone in the room sensed by facial recognition, keeping the video collaboration session seamless on screen. With its built-in microphones, participants will feel as if they are speaking face to face with the far end audience of the session.