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JVN Systems takes pride in designing and building sophisticated audio visual systems for companies in the NY area. More fundamental, though, we pride ourselves on building systems that users can actually operate. Since the dawn of the programmable VCR, "audio-visual" and "user-friendly" have seemed to be opposing terms. That's what makes JVN different. No matter how complex the client's request or how sophisticated the technology, JVN builds a consistent level of control management into every system we create. You'll be hard-pressed to find this emphasis on ease of use and intuitive support elsewhere in our industry.

Specifically, this top-level control management is achieved through an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and unified platforms that are easily understood and operated by everyone from executive users to I.T. staff. This is the very heart of the JVN framework: A single platform that fully integrates an enterprise's audio visual requirements into a unified system that, for the user, is as simple to operate as punching a keypad or clicking on a web-based control screen. From our signature one-touch control panel to our focus on fully networked, IP-connected systems, JVN is able to ensure that "sophisticated" never means impossible to figure out. The user-friendly JVN Framework draws on five crucial principles:

Integration: JVN pulls all functions essential to the audio-visual system into a single platform. Beyond audio and video, the JVN framework fully integrates with environmental and facility systems, such as lighting, HVAC, telecom, and the IP network.

Unified Control: The single, unified control panel is the hallmark of a JVN system. Users operate every function - from setting volume to selecting video sources - with an interface that's as simple as a graphical touch-panel or as flexible as a point-and-click webpage. Whether wall-mounted, table-mounted or wireless handhelds, these single controls anchor every JVN audio visual system.

Consistency: Control panels and interfaces are the same from room to room and location to location. Whether we do one installation at a New York site or 20, our systems are consistent and fully scalable.

Support: IP connectivity is an essential part of every JVN system. Because our platform is fully available on a client's network, I.T. staff can easily support the audio-visual services, monitoring and operating all essential functions remotely whenever needed. Firmware and software updates also can be tracked and scheduled by I.T. staff, and even handled by KVN if the client desires.

Maintenance: IP connectivity also adds a level of oversight that consistently produces big savings for our clients. Using the RoomView software from Crestron Electronics, JVN allows I.T. staff to monitor systems and schedule maintenance accordingly. The savings can be huge. For example, replacing a projector lamp before it blows is far more cost-efficient than taking the projector out of service to clean out melted glass and repair the damaged motherboard after the fact. The user-friendly focus of the JVN Framework means complex system operations are familiar and easy to understand as the ATM screen at the corner bank. One selection off a JVN touch-panel triggers a multitude of functions. Our easy-to-use-systems do their work behind the scenes so that you can seamlessly do your work in front of your audience. Our corporate audio-visual systems are as sophisticated and cutting-edge as any vendor. The difference is that they're also easy to use.

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