Automated Environments

Video Conference Room Lighting
The internet of things is bringing more devices online by the year. In doing so, tasks are becoming effortless and even automated. Infrastructure such as lighting is becoming more efficient as a result. Any space can benefit from incorporating lighting control and monitoring to your network. Schedules and motion sensors can save costs. In presentations, lights can adjust in the room automatically for specific events or active use of equipment like projectors. All of these features can even be customized from your phone or PC, as well as monitoring your equipment.

Video Conference Room Shades
Visually stunning shades for any environment are another solution that is increasingly being integrated on the internet of things. Similairly available app control, event scheduling, and monitoring are made possible by bringing your shades online.

Managed network solutions of peripheral devices including shades and lighting are driving the internet of things boom, and our team has the resources and expertise to keep your organization connected and always at the forefront of industry standards.s

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Call Today: 631-242-3600