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Audio & Video Conference Rooms

At JVN Systems, we design and install easy-to-use high definition video conference room solutions that provide stunning images and audio. We integrate state of-the-art audio, video and IT systems into one seamless solution. Utilizing multipoint solutions and touchscreen panels, our conference room AV systems provide many presentation and control options which will make you feel that you are in the same room as your business associates.

Our talented engineers devise innovative conference room audio visual solutions for your complex problems and business needs. Our engineers go beyond the stated manufacturer's claims and recommendations to get the best out of your equipment. They know each product’s limitations and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

We stand behind our conference room AV systems. From the initial site survey to your final video conferencing installation, our personnel continually communicates with you to ensure that your needs are met. We also provide training, maintenance and support so that you can fully benefit from all facets of the equipment.

At JVN systems, we use advanced video teleconferencing techniques to bring your callers and meetings to life, virtually bringing you and your callers into the same room.
Video Conference Room

We can generate this experience even for clients who choose to work with less expensive video conferencing equipment that isn’t manufactured for advanced HD telepresence purposes. We can often find innovative video conference room solutions at a fraction of the cost of other conference room technology suppliers, and our clients appreciate all we do for them. For example, we met with one client who was quoted for more than $60,000 for a Kodak camera by another contractor, but after analyzing their needs, we suggested a $6,500 camera from Cisco that produced the same results.

Optimal Design
Our layout and design consultants can transform ordinary conference rooms into a world class video collaboration. Our custom-built racks minimize clutter while maximizing performance. Our conference room AV systems engineers optimize your space, screen placement, sound systems and projectors in the most ergonomic and fluid positions to maximize viewing and sound exposure. Modern Audio Visual Equipment We stay on the forefront of the video teleconferencing industry by using the most advanced equipment, including high quality high definition TV displays, high definition cameras, and projectors to give you the clearest image on any channel. Surround Sound

Ceiling Microphone
Our surround sound systems offer high quality sound without static or interruption to ensure your presentations remain professional and crystal clear. Our video conference audio visual installation and design team knows how to properly configure and install your new system.

HD Touch Screens
We offer many easy-to-use touch screen options including touch screen televisions, large screen walls, or touch tables. With our solutions, you just need to touch the screen and swipe, using two fingers to expand an image.

Web Streaming
We can stream your presentation to anywhere in the world, on any device, including a smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. Tablet & Mobile Conferencing & Control System Touch screens allow you to control all of the technology in a room with just your fingers. You can get rid of the remote controls and remove unsightly wall switches and panels from your command center. You can control your conference room audio visual equipment, lighting, shades and even security systems with them, which we can also configure for your smartphones or tablets. Advanced Scheduling With our video conference systems, scheduling is a snap. Real time displays by the conference room doors let passers bys learn about current and future scheduled activities, you can even schedule the use of the space right on the spot. Manufacturers We work with quality technology brands including, Cisco Video Conference Rooms, Tandberg, Crestron, Biamp, Haivision, Digital Projection, Extron, SONY, Sharps, Lifesize, Polycom and many more.

Crestron Integration
Crestron Touchpanel
Crestron manufactures touchpanels which are used as the User Interface in many audio visual enabled rooms and spaces. JVN Systems custom programs these touchpanels. JVN Systems has Crestron Certified Master level programmers on staff.

Crestron Touchpanel for Lync
Crestron has touchpanels that do not require custom programming in order to be implemented. JVN Systems has deployed touchpanels like the one shown here which is for Crestron Lync (Microsoft) that required no programming, however some customization can be included with a touchpanel such as this.

Crestron RL System Room
Crestron's RL System is a system that accomodates Microsoft's Skype for Business communication system. A Crestron appliance device can be combined with other Crestron peripherals or third party devices, depending on the client's needs and room configuration to make a complete and integrated system.

Huddle Rooms

Business moves at the speed of technology and we know you want to stay up with the current trends. Whether you are presenting to a remote audience, meeting in small teams, or having a small private conference with your team, incorporating affordable collaboration hubs can be an integral part of your business. We’re experts at identifying your company’s unique needs and creating a corporate setup that works for you. When you need a proven way of presenting your ideas, charts, graphics and more, you can turn to JVN Systems. We’re ready to outfit any other space in your building with the technology and our build out solutions you need to drive productivity.

Fine Attention Given to Detail for Complete Customization
Working with your list of criteria and the scope of the project, we’ll find the best solutions for you in commercial audio visual technology. We’re making your business our business. We can incorporate a full range of options for your office that meet your needs on every level. If you aren’t sure of your needs, we’ll help you find the best elements for your system and corporate environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new company, or an established pillar of industry, we’re ready to take care of every audio visual need.

Fully Integrated Solutions
For Your Best Corporate Audio Visual Presentations We know your systems need to work with your daily tasks, not against it. We’ll take care to make sure you have a streamlined system from top to bottom. All of our equipment will work together so you can manage it easily and maintain complete communication with your guests, clients, and staff. Larger scale distributions can be managed centrally or on the cloud with ease.

Limitless Corporate Audio Visual Services and All User-Friendly never burden you, but only help you increase awareness, sales, efficiency, and productivity.

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Call Today: 631-242-3600